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Chad Allen

A fansite for actor Chad Allen

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Name:Chad Allen — A fansite
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:This is a fansite for actor Chad Allen.
This fansite will focus on news, old and new, about actor Chad Allen. All members are welcome to post.

A couple of rules:

1. No flames.
2. No disrespect of any kind.
3. Anyone making homophobic remarks or posts will be banned without notice.
4. Longer posts and posts containing material rated higher than PG must be behind a cut. This site should be safe to load at the workplace.
5. This site could contain material that is not appropriate for minors. Kids, police yourselves. This community is not responsible for your well-being.
6. Fanfiction and fanart may be posted here as long as the focus is on one of Chad's characters. Donald Strachey Mysteries stories can be posted at donaldtimmy. "Save Me" fanfiction can be posted at save_me_2007 If you know of other sites that feature fanfiction involving one of Chad's characters, please let us know.
7. Photo posts should be confined to Chad's public life. These photos include screencaps from films and television, location shots, charity events, public appearances and the like. The same rules apply to news and announcements. Unless he makes a public announcement having to do with his personal life, let's give him his privacy in that regard.
8. Do not post links to free downloads of Chad's movies or TV shows. If you find something posted on youtube, go ahead and link or embed it. I assume if the owners of those shows or movies didn't want their stuff on youtube, they'd send a cease-and-desist order to the company. Likewise, please do not ask for or offer free ebooks in any format of Richard Stevenson's Strachey novels. Please respect the author and pay him for his work.

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